Join us!

Hi out there!

Your hosts on this blog are 3 women who are diverse in many ways—like the people we all encounter in life, right?  Yet it somehow surprised us how much we have in common.

One of us is 50+. One is 60+.  One is 30+.

One of us is white Irish-American. One is half Hispanic.  One is black.

We all have kids—ranging from elementary school to out of school and on their own.  We  come from, live and earn a living in different worlds that on the surface seem to collide in a big W-H-A-T?? —business, music, marketing, rappers, flea markets,  single in the city, supermom, in the suburbs, young kids at home, post-grad kids bouncing back to home, or out on their own, married, separated , divorced.  All over the lot?  Yep, that’s us. There’s no box anybody can put is in, and that’s great.  That’s the point! Sound familiar? Isn’t it fun how the more experience you have, the more you do, the longer you live, the more the edges blur and the “box” ends up in the recycle bin. Are we recycling ourselves?  Constantly, and proud of it!

We’re at different lifestages in many ways, but in other ways we have so much in common—sometimes, it’s the big stuff, but just as often, it’s the little, funny or ironic things that seem to slide under the radar— but we bet you’ve noticed, too.  That made us think:   we need to connect the dots among women like us who’ve had the life experience to draw from to give a shout-out, comment, and maybe even create something new.

That’s why we decided to open up this blog, reach out to all of you, and collect what you have to say for all of us to share.  Then we—and YOU—are going to write a book about it, too.

We can hardly wait to what you have to say, so jump on in!

Tynicka, Mickey & Liz


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