It feels like Apple is missing its spiritual leader… I just had a really un-Apple like experience two days in a row…condescending, uninterested sales associates. Would be really sad if they can’t keep the spirit alive without Steve Jobs.

I spent a good part of last Tuesday and Wednesday having a very unsatisfying experience at my local Apple store in New York. I encountered disinterested, condescending “sales associates”, I arrived committed to buy a new computer and looking forward to dealing with an informed and engaged employee, one respectful of the fact that I was making a major purchase.  What I found was an impatient employee who after literally spending 4 minutes with me, wanted to know if “I wanted it or not”. I had a hunch this wasn’t going to get any better so I left and went to a different Apple store where I had a better experience and bought a new AirBook, with all the trimmings.  I even bought the $99.00 lesson package….being a glutton for punishment, but heck, I wanted the convenience of going to a store in my neighborhood, I signed up for a class for the next morning at the original store…again, the employee “instructor” didn’t come through. She arrived 8 minutes late for a 1/2 hour lesson and started wrapping it up after 20 minutes, I reminded her we had started late. I didn’t feel she cared if I learned anything or not and she spoke to me in the tone you might use with a child, well, actually I wouldn’t speak to a child like that, I wouldn’t want to offend them…way too condescending.

This is the first time I have experienced an attitude at Apple, which I have always given high marks for customer service…and it took me by surprise. I wonder if the new management is sending a different signal to its employees or has the quality of employees slipped? Reading how little they make in the NYTimes yesterday might confirm that.. Do you think it was because I’m an “older” women?  If so, they need to take note that research confirms on average we have a lot of expendable income and spend mucho dinero and time on computers, iPads, iPhones, Kindles…the list goes on.

What do you think?