I’m Liz. Former corporate marketing executive, now a marketing consultant. In the midst of downsizing from the suburban house where we raised our son to a city apartment;  husband of 21 years; college grad son who lives half way at home; and wheaten terrier, Waffles. I find myself rethinking and re-organizing my life, because in recent years, so much has changed: my mother died, my only child graduated and moved across the country (sort of—his room at home remains, just in case), and I had cancer. These sorts of life-changing events tend to happen after five or six decades out there on the firing line.  They tend to make you stop and think: what am I doing with all this stuff?

Does letting go of things mean letting go of memories, of love? Rationally, I know this is not true. But, as you will see, I am capable of finding an emotional connection to almost anything, including but not limited to a piece of cheese.  So, because I know I have miniscule will power, I will not try to get rid of everything at once.  I will get rid of one thing at a time, one day at a time. The worse that can happen is that in a year, I will be 365 things lighter.

I plan to start tomorrow.  You?