Somewhere in every woman’s well-lived life is a touchstone.  The trinket or thing that’s close to her heart that, by holding or touching, brings her back to that place where she feels grounded and valued.  It might be a ring given to her by a loved one.  Or just a stone found on the beach. A feather, a teacup, a coin, a letter. Whatever it is, for her, it stands for the truth.

 A Ring, a Stone & the Truth is a virtual touchstone for women.  If you’ve lived life well, you may have a number of these to share. This is a place for women not “of a certain age,” but of a certain mindset.  We’ve earned our stripes in life and in work, in parenting, partnership, alone or together, and sometimes a little of each. We’ve spent our 1.0 years being someone’s daughter, our 2.0 years being someone’s something, and now this is our time–  our 3.0 period.  We’re the master as well as the mistress; we’re the parent in surround sound— sandwiched between our kids and our aging parents; the role-players who became the role-models.  We’re confident and in control.  But we’re women in motion.  Changing, morphing, evolving.  From daughter to grandparent, from mom to manager, from guardian to graduate, from beloved to bombshell.  We are not a fixed point, except for one thing:  we seek not the end, but the way forward.

Who’s in?